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Vitsan Mümessillik ve Müşavirlik A.Ş.

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Bilezik Sokak No.4 34427 Fındıklı/İstanbul


+90 530 129 1212



Since Vitsan's first appointment by the Council of Lloyds back in 1897 to act as Lloyds Agent for Marmara and Black Sea Region,we have expanded our territory of service as follows :

Aegean Region Turkey 1990

Baku Azerbaijan & Batumi Georgia 1994

Mediterrenean : Mersin & Iskenderun surroundings 2010

Today as Lloyds & Average Agent we provide a wide range of services all around Turkey through our Regional Offices .These offices are mostly located in all the main ports of Turkey operating with our own local experienced staff being able to reach easily any location of service required by principals.

During all these years at service we gained a vast experience on a wide variety of Marine Claims, Casualties, Cargo Claims, Risk Analysis, CAT Claims etc.

As Lloyds & Average Agent , Vitsan handles different types of Surveys , Claims for Worldwide principals at all continents through our Head Office in Istanbul ,Local Offices and overseas offices in Georgia & Azerbaijan.

In addition to LLOYD’ Agent we are Average / Survey Agent for V.H.T , W.K WEBSTER , W.E COX Claims .

Fields of our Services :

  • Risk Analysis
  • Pre-risk Surveys-Loss Prevention
  • Preshipment Surveys
  • Project Cargo Warranty Surveys
  • Road Surveys
  • Warehouse Inspections
  • Cargo Claims
  • Outturn Surveys
  • Liability Claims
  • C.A.T Claims
  • Fire Loses
  • Business Interruption
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Investigations
  • Fine Art
  • Yacht Surveys


Vitsan handles all P (Protection) and I (Indemnity) matters since 1912, the year when the company was first appointed as the P&I Club Correspondent in Turkey.

Our team consists of experienced claims executives, captains and marine surveyors. We provide claims handling services to P&I Clubs and their ship-owners and charterers. We are contactable on a 24hrs basis. You will receive from us, practical, concise and professional service of claims handling.

Apart from claims handling services, we have a team of in-house surveyors covering all the ports to perform the necessary investigation and surveying work at site. Hereunder are the type of surveys that we usually are instructed to perform:

Fields of our Services :

  • Cargo quantity surveys, Draft Survey, Ullage
  • Tally survey, shore weighbridge monitoring regarding Cargo quantity.
  • Pre-loading cargo condition survey
  • Cargo condition Survey before discharge and after discharge
  • On-hire, off-hire survey
  • Bunker survey
  • Damage survey on fixed and floating objects
  • Hatch cover condition and ultrasonic tightness test
  • Cargo damage surveys
  • Cargo discharge surveys for Shortage, Excess discharge situations
  • Hatch Sealing-unsealing surveys
  • Pollution investigations and surveys
  • Loss prevention surveys
  • Grounding and re-floating, salvage surveys

We provide meticulous attention to all the cases that our principals seek our services. With our claims executives and marine surveying team our primary objective is to protect the interest of our principals.


Our H&M Department, with the vast experiences of many decades, renders the Claims Handling and Surveys with most efficiency and prompt attendance and comprehensive reporting throughout our involvement and covering :

H&M Damage Surveys on all type of vessels :

  • Investigation for the circumstances of incident
  • Ascertaining the cause, nature & extent of damage, status of damage repairs (temporary or permanent)
  • Early case assessment including the estimated cost of repair and time to effect the temporary or permanent damage repairs
  • Monitoring the temporary or permanent damage repairs and assessing the cost of damage repairs ; Times taken to effect the damage repairs.
  • General access required to effect the damage repairs
  • Apportionment of relevant costs for damage repairs with that of Owners repair works
  • H&M Surveys, including casulty surveys such as grounding, assesment of the vessel’s condition as aground, assessing re-floating prospects, and monitoring salvage and/or re-floating operation
  • Our H&M claims handling including assisting for quantifying the claim of the Client, obtainment of the security from the opponents, assisting in pursuing the claim including settlement negotiations until the case is entirely settled and concluded .

Condition surveys on all type of vessels :

  • Pre-entry P&I Condition surveys
  • Pre- H&M Insurance, Conditon surveys

Hold Condition surveys :

  • Condition surveys on vessel’s Holds – prior to loading cargo
  • Condition surveys on vessel’s Holds- Post discharging steel products/cargo; assessing the nature and cause of stevedore damages, hidden damages, respectively and monitoring the repairs


With our expertise and local knowledge as LLoyd agent ,we provide pre risk and damage surveying , loss adjusting service for classical risks concerning commercial line of insurance/reinsurance with an average of 100 years of experience to the job, during all these years services provided to our international clients for risk analysis, , C.A.T claims ,hazard surveys on airport,industrial plants , tank terminals,port instalation,storage facilities .

Condition surveys on all type of vessels :

  • Property
  • Risk Analysis
  • Fire Loses
  • Business Interruption
  • Cat Claims
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Claim Investigation
  • Fine Art

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis, Calculation of Net Insurance Premium with Stochastic Process

Quantitative Analysis

If costs of historical damage data exist, expected loss in the stochastic process is calculated. This figure corresponds to the net insurance premium that the insurer should receive. With the value at risk account, the net insurance premium is calculated. With this calculated figure, the amount of premium can be bargained.


If any historical costs do not exist, we will also calculate the expected damage costs that will occur as a result of the incidents (fire, flood, earthquake, storm, terrorist attack, etc.) taking into account the current situation of the facility in the stochastic process.


Risks / defects in the facility and the incidents that may be caused by them and actions to be taken and recommendations are included. The qualitative risk category of the facility is determined (Such as low risk, medium risk, high risk).


Qualitative Risk Analysis

Risks / defects in the facility and the incidents that may be caused by them and actions to be taken and recommendations are included. The qualitative risk category of the facility is determined (Such as low risk, medium risk, high risk).