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Vitsan Mümessillik ve Müşavirlik A.Ş.

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Bilezik Sokak No.4 34427 Fındıklı/İstanbul


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About Us


In 1873, Vitsan was founded by a British national Sir James W. with the name of Whittall and Co.Ltd. In 1969, it was converted into a joint stock company and took its current name Vitsan Mümessillik ve Müşavirlik A.Ş. Starting on 1979, our company directed towards insurance, research and services of liquidation of damages.

A century of experience

Vitsan has an efficient service network of its own offices with a qualified and experienced staff both in Turkey and the neighboring countries.

The service fields of Vitsan cover a large range from pre-insurance to post-insurance services.

Benefiting the continually successful experience of the previous generations over a century, Vitsan's present managers and staff are also working with confidence to keep the chain of success going at the service of the world insurance industry.

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Quality Policy

Our mission is to provide impartial, unprejudiced, fair and reliable service with confidentiality within the scope of quality standards to all the parties both in Turkey and in the world who needs and requests our services as well as to continue being the leading and pioneering contemporary institutions in its sector.

Vitsan is committed to providing high quality, reliable, sustainable and fast service and being solution partner to our customers with its expert staff experienced in quality, expertise and experience as well as its wide service network focused on quality and experience.

It is the most important part of our business to improve customer satisfaction without any distinction by offering high quality service at affordable prices by responding to customer requests on-site, with our qualified employees and our large office network paying ultimate attention to the principles’ confidentiality.

In order to increase the motivation and productivity of our employees, we aim to provide continuous opportunities of ergonomics, occupational health and safety, technical software and hardware in our work environments and to develop the skills and competencies of our employees through continuous trainings.

Vitsan is committed to providing professional services without sacrificing impartiality, independence and ethical values by fulfilling the obligation of confidentiality compliance, working in continuous communication without distinction between customers, being innovative, trusting and constantly developing in our service area.

Organisation of Vitsan

The services of Vitsan are mainly located in Istanbul and the company, together with its offices in Ankara, Izmir, Aliaga, Mersin, Iskenderun and Trabzon, operates all over Turkey and we have exclusive agencies in every major port and city in the country. The branch offices are technologically fully-equipped and computer-linked to the Head Office.

The present total number of the Vitsan staff is 65 persons. All of the members of our management and our surveyors in Istanbul, the branch offices and the Vitsan Companies abroad are qualified and experienced people, speaking either English, and / or German and / or French.

By means of the latest office technology and communications equipment, we ensure to provide the most efficient and speedy response to our principals' ever-changing needs. The continually-updated equipment and system serve to the purposes of extensive word processing, accounting, filing and intelligence information and also as a data bank for the statistical information gathered from a variety of fields pertaining to technical services.

The requirements of the electronic age and the related developments are transmitted to the members of the staff through periodical training sessions, thus enabling them to dynamically keep pace with the level of the ever-growing world standards.

The Vitsan organization is regularly and widely cooperated by Insurance Markets from all over the world and by large Industrial and Holding Companies from Europe, Asia (CIS Countries, PR of China, Japan, India), Australia, North and South America and North and South Africa.

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Vision of Vitsan

Our core activity is to provide independent, fair and reliable service to all parties in need and demand our services ,in Turkey and in the world. Our aim is to continiue to be a contemporary and pioneering organization.

Benefits to customers
We are fast solution partner with our wide service network where trust, quality and experience are priority.

With our experienced staff, according to customer requirements quality, reliable, maintained continuity and fast service is our constant goal.

Price policy
With our qualified employees / works and wide office network, we respond to customer demands on-site and offer quality service at an affordable price

Working Conditions
In order to increase the motivation and productivity of our employees, ergonomic, occupational health and safety conditions and up-to-date technical software and hardware facilities are provided at our work environments.
Through continuous training, the skills and competency of the employees are improved.

Our understanding sense of leadership
We believe in a management style that values its employees, focuses on fair, open communication and has the foresight to carry the company forward.

Social Responsibility
Providing financial support to successful students in need by creating a scholarship fund with employees’ and company’s contribution and creating a VITSAN Forest for our customers and our corporation are the services we provide to the public society.

Corporate Culture of Vitsan

  • The personnel who creates added value is rewarded
  • Different ideas are encouraged in a dynamic structure
  • Quick decisions, quick actions
  • Feedback culture is adopted/ implemented
  • High Motivation
  • Communication is based on trust, team work and knowledge sharing are encouraged
  • Honesty is prioritized, company name is protected/maintained
  • Act with motive of being a leader in its field
  • Discrimination is not welcome
  • Personnel is aware of creating new jobs
  • Necessary trainings provided to employees
  • A sense of justice is dominant

Vitsan Managers

Selim Bilgişin

Cem Bilgişin

Mehmet Peker

Eva Adamandidi

Ziya Mesut Koç

Arda Kovan

Dr. Emre Özcan

Salih Akkaya

Ferruh Serbest

Nedim Şener

Namık Akyöndem

Okan Erkırtay

Mehmet Tümer

Cevdet Günal Tüzün

Mehmet Şen

Namık İbraimov

Tariel Kirtskalia

Chairman – General Manager

Vice Chairman - Coordinator

Accounting Department Manager

Lloyds & Average Agencies Department Manager

PANDI & Marine Claims Department Manager

Lloyds & Average Agencies Claim Handler

Specialty Surveyor Loss Adjuster Department Manager

Average Agencies Branch Offices

PANDI Hull & Machinary Specialty Claims Executive

PANDI Claims Executive

PANDI Claims Executive

PANDI Claims Executive

Izmir & Aliağa Office Manager

Mersin Office Manager

Iskenderun Office Manager

Baku Azerbaijan Office Manager

Batumi Georgia Office Manager

Human Resources

For general job application, you can send your CV to insankaynaklari@vitsan.com or visit our Linkedin page and apply for jobs suitable for you.

Thank you for choosing us.

VİTSAN Human Resources


Vitsan Academy was established to contribute to the personal development of Vitsan employees, to increase their technical knowledge and to strengthen the communication of all personnel working in the company by organizing social activities.

Some of the most important activities; To organize trainings within the Vitsan, to provide information and experience to all the personnel in need with the support of our treasures and veterans and to perform various social activities.

The trainings given by Vitsan Academy are not only technical trainings but also include personal development and awareness trainings. With the aim of Sustainability , it has the duty to grow and rise with more cooperation, more communication, to contribute to the development of Vitsan personnel and to support them.

Vitsan Academy aims to contribute positively to their professional and personal development and performance by transferring Vitsan's values to young employees in the framework of continuous improvement and development. The ultimate goal is to ensure sustainability through the development of strong and dynamic teams that are constantly learning and developing.